OxPal to offer ophthalmology tutorials from December


From 4th December, the OxPal Medlink will expand its tutorial content to include ophthalmology. This will be in addition to internal medicine, general surgery, paediatrics and psychiatry. This will be delivered by Miss Efrosini Papagiannuli, a clinical fellow in inflammatory eye disease/uveitis at the Birmigham and Midlands Eye Centre. The course will consist of four tutorials which will be repeated throughout the year.

Tutorial dates and times (GMT) are as follows:

1. A beginner’s guide to opthalmology on Thursday 4th December at 16:30
2. The red eye on Thursday 19th December at 18:30
3. Loss of vision on Friday 2nd January at 18:30
4. Systemic diseases and the eye on Friday 16th January at 18:30

The tutorials can be accessed via our online platform.