Our partners

Medicine Africa

MedicineAfrica provides a social networking platform for healthcare providers internationally and delivers remote online medical education, mentorship, and a variety of services to strengthen and improve the quality of services provided by healthcare systems globally. The MedicineAfrica network is a growing web of partnerships between students and clinicians spanning several African countries. Initially founded by Dr Alexander Finlayson, MedicineAfrica works with partners in Somaliland, Ghan, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Al Quds Foundation for Medical Schools in Palestine

The Al-Quds Foundation for Medical Schools in Palestine (FQMS) was formed in 1997 as a UK registered charity to support medical education in Palestine. At the time of formation, there was only one medical school; namely the Faculty of Medicine at the Abu Dies campus of Al-Quds University. The first Dean of the Faculty was Dr Nael Shihabi. Undergraduates came from all over the West Bank and from Gaza to study. From an early date some students received the first two years of instruction in Gaza at Azhar University and in Nablus at An Najah University and from that developed separate medical schools, soon to be joined by the school of medicine at the Islamic University of Gaza.

The Foundation supports:

  1. Bursaries for post-graduate training and sub-speciality training in the UK.
  2. Short attachments & training for faculty staff members.
  3. Organisation of visits by international teachers and examiners to the schools.
  4. Supporting e-learning and distance learning.
  5. The provision of teaching material and equipment to the schools.
  6. Short term hospital based training in Britain and other countries for 5th year students – ‘clinical electives’.
  7. Bursaries for students with particular needs.
  8. Providing funds for student representation at international conferences & local health campaigns
  9. Encouraging cooperation between the different medical schools.
  10. Supports and helps standardizing and unifying the educational standards among the different medical schools.


International Medical Education Trust 2000

IMET 2000 is a British registered charity that focusses on postgraduate medical education, aiming to educate tomorrow’s generation of health professionals to a global standard of expertise. In pursuit of accomplishing this goal, IMET2000-Pal was established to serve health professionals in the occupied Palestinian Territories and maintains an office and an active presence in the West Bank. IMET2000 is working towards five key strategic goals:

  1. Promote and support alliances between Health and academic institutions within and outside of Palestine
  2. Advance and facilitate exchange programs for healthcare professionals to broaden their skills.
  3. Provide health professionals with life long learning via traditional training and electronic continuing education opportunities .
  4. Initiate and support research programs for health related issues.
  5. Provide a rich access to networking opportunities, resources and products.