Health and medical education in Palestine

Owing to a uniquely challenging geopolitical context, healthcare and medical education in the occupied Palestinian Territories presents several challenges. In recent years, there has been a flurry of academic output charting all aspects of the health and security of Palestinians.

The Lancet-Palestinian Health Alliance deserves special mention. Under the auspices of Chief Editor Dr Richard Horton, this annual series of research articles and conference abstracts has shed important light on the healthcare landscape of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Horton’s editorial sets the scene for this series of papers (free registration required to read articles).

In particular, the opening article by Giacaman and colleagues contextualises the demographics, health status and service provision of Palestinians living under occupation, and describes the fragmented healthcare workforce and infrastructure.

Demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of Palestinians and those in neighbouring countries

(Source: The Lancet)


“Our ultimate hope is that this Series could contribute
to a mass international social movement for peace and
justice through health in, and with the people of, the
occupied Palestinian land. Justice in this context is
about fashioning a fair and sustainable future for the
people of Palestine. Health can be a magnetic nucleus to
draw together the necessary critical mass of agreement
to make this idea more than simply an aspiration.”

- Richard Horton, Editor, The Lancet