Connect. Collaborate. Learn


The OxPal Medlink is a collaborative partnership between students and doctors working at Oxford University and affiliated hospitals, and medical students at Al-Quds Medical School, the Islamic University of Gaza and Al-Azhar University, Gaza.

Using an internet-based platform, tutors and students meet weekly to partake in real-time tutorials discussing clinical cases from hospitals in the Palestinian Territories.

Our virtual classrooms incorporate both audio and text-based chat, and an interactive white-board technology enabling a multimedia learning environment. We do not charge for our services, are staffed by volunteers, and are supported by charities and NGOs.

As part of the wider MedicineAfrica community, we are committed to fostering cross-border connections and exchange between students and clinicians to support medical education, clinical decision-making and networking amongst healthcare professionals.

We aim to work in close collaboration with our partners, using feedback based upon their needs and expectations to direct the course of our work.